More yarn from my Louet

I will try to blog in English this time.
As I have told you earlier. This year has gone by without much spinning. But now in December I have been spinning nearly every day. Here comes pictures of my last work. In the first picture you can see the washed wool drying on my bathfloor. I didn't take pictures of the cardingprocess. 
Left: local wool from Norwegian white sheep.
Middle: Local Alpaca from the only Alpacafarm I know of, in our part of the country.
Right: Local wool from Norwegian black sheep

The wool from abowe has become 2ply skeins.
The Alpaca to the left.

I knitted a pair of babysocks of the Alpacayarn.
A small ball is left over from this project.

A skein of 2ply yarn from merinowool. 
This is wool I bougth as tops, ready to spin. In the plying
 I took some bits of grey merino along in the process.
A soft hat are on the needles.

Ny lue